Nose Hair Trimmer Electric Shaver Men Shaving Nose Ear Eyebrow Clipper

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Nose Hair Trimmer Electric Shaver Men Shaving Nose Ear Eyebrow Clipper


– Professional personal shaver, great traveling companion with light weight design.

– Stylish shape, best choice of gift for your lover or buddies.

– Curved,hypoallergenic and stainless steel blade.

– Rotary blade system for effective trimming our overgrown nose and ear hair.

– Smooth, motor provides quick and painless movement.

– Eliminate the traditional need of scissors to remove the unsightly facial hair from face, nostril and ear, higher security provided.

– Rotary blade system with a circular blade action that effectively trims the overgrown hair of your nose or ear wall.

– Safety cone head guides the hair into the blade and protects the skin from direct contact.

– Cleaning brush to remove the discarded hair in your trimmer.

– Clear cap top to protect the blade when not in use.

– Fine tapered head protects skin from directly contact.

– Sliding ON/OFF switch, easy to grip.

– Powered by 1 AA battery (not included), low power consumption


Weight: 56g

Color: Blue

Powered by: 1 x 1.5V AA battery (NOT Included).

Available Color:


Package Contains:

Nose Hair Trimmer Device * 1

Protective cap * 1

Cleaning Brush (Small) * 1

By aviation restrictions, batteries are NOT included in the package.

USD 55.10/piece

USD 9.48/piece

USD 15.85/piece

USD 12.33/piece


WARNING: Please read this instruction manual careful before using.

Product: SEENOU Brand Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

Use for: This instruction manual is used for SN-206,SN-207,SN-208

Rated Voltage: DC 1.5V

Rated Power: 1W.

Battery: 1xAA Alkaline Battery.

Production Date: on the body of product


Trimmer head


Outer shell

Battery cover

Range of Appliance:

Nose trimmer is used for cutting unwanted nose hair and ear hair. Please don’t use for other purpose. This nose trimmer is a personal use appliance. Please don’t use for different person.


Please check this appliance carefully before use. If there are any damage please don’t use it.

Machine maintenance:

After each use, please clean the trimmer head; then please remove the battery, and cover the protective cover.


1) Do not insert the device into the nose or ear more than the narrow tip position on the outer turret. Do not put too much pressure on the device when the trimmer head in the ear hole or nostril.

2) When the blade is deformation or damaged, do not try to use, may hurt the ear hole or nostril.

3) Trimmer head and blade is made of precision, can’t afford too much pressure, collision, etc.,

4)Before cleaning the trimmer head, make sure the switch is turned off.

How to install the battery:

1.Prepare a AA battery.

2.Rotate the battery cover in clockwise direction and remove the battery cover.

3.Put one AA battery inside, positive to the inside direction. (see Pic.4)

4.Put the battery cover back.

How to remove the battery:

1.Rotate the battery cover in anticlockwise direction and remove the battery cover.

2.Take out the AA battery.

3.Put the battery cover back.

How to use:

Put the switch up to start the nose trimmer, put the trimmer head inside your nasal cavity or ear very slowly. Trim the unwanted hair carefully.


Please do not insert the trimmer head into the ear and nostril depth of more than 0.5 cm, may lead to damage the eardrum and nostril mucosa.

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