36pcs/12pcs Aromatherapy Essential Oil Different Kinds Of Fragrance 3ml/bottle Used For Humidifier Air Purifier Incense Burner

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It is a water-soluble oil, suitable for the humidifier, atomized spray, aroma lamps ,incense lamp, electronic aromatherapy furnace

Not available for skin care, can not be directly applied to the skin.

This is the price of a box;
a box of 36, 12 kinds of different fragrance, and each fragrance are three pieces,can not choose the flavor, pls understanding, thank you.(random)
a box of 12 have 12 different fragrance(random)
a box of 6 have 6 different fragrance(random)

Specification: 3 ml /bottles

Lavender : fresh flowers, help sleep , people killed , prompting new pending Xie Chen , a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect. Rose : appease , soothe nerves, has aphrodisiac effect. Jasmine : antidepressant , makes us happy , relaxed mood . Sandalwood : woody fragrance lasting mellow , soothing nervous, I mellow alcohol. Osmanthus : sweet, mellow flavor , engender a better association. Orange : citrus , people calm relaxation , helps digestion. Sea Breeze : collecting marine algae , bringing fresh sea air , emotional stability . Green tea : fresh and fragrant , people calm , regain their strength, anti-inflammatory infection. Forests: pure flavor , refreshing , such as Mu mountain . Carnation : to create a peaceful and warm atmosphere and emotional balance . Ginger Flower: enhance memory , help Elsevier . Lily : cough lungs can feel relaxed . Violet: anti- cold, anti-fatigue , the brain is in a relaxed state. Lemon: When feeling tired conversion , refreshing , anti- rheumatism and neuralgia , help improve the body resistance . Saussurea : balance hormones and sebum , the skin moist and smooth action . Tuberose : create a romantic atmosphere , eliminate odors, there are refreshing relaxation, eliminate stress, sedative effect . Tea : a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, clean air , promote metabolism. Rosemary : the role of refreshing , enhance memory, to have a slowing effect colds . Narcissus : sleep, Lee lungs, emotional balance , reduce stress

Additional information

Item Type

Essential Oil


Lavender, rose, jasmine, osmanthus

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Essential Oil Type

Compound Essential Oil

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Model Number

Essential oils


Anti-wrinkle anti-aging, relaxation active, other


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