Lg Probeam Hf85ja Laser Projector Review – My 120″ Mega Gaming Display!

Building my new 120″ laser projector gaming setup. In this video I am setting up the new LG ProBeam HF85JA Laser Projector as My 120″ Mega Gaming Display! ?

LG ProBeam HF85JA is a very exclusive projector with an expensive price tag ($1699). Starting with the LG HF85JA ProBeam UST laser projector that can able to project a wide-screen maximum up to 120-inch Full-HD (1080p) image from a distance of just 12 centimeters from the screen. That means you do not need to have a huge room or hall to project your contents, just leave it the way it can sit upright on one end to render images on any flat, horizontal surface, also put it easily on desks, tables, and even the floor into a movie screen.

Setting up LG ProBeam HF85JA Laser Projector – My 120″ Mega Gaming Display!

This is what LG writes on their website:

LG Ultra Short Throw projectors deliver a large, vivid image with the unit placed closer to the wall or screen versus traditional projectors. Set it just inches away to watch, or move it back for an even larger image.

Watch movies and more in true 1080p high-definition sharpness, full of the fine detail that can be lost at lower resolutions. The picture remains lifelike and text is crystal-clear when displayed at up to 120 inches or more.

LG’s exclusive Smart TV platform, webOS, is simple to set up and offers easy discovery of exciting premium content from the most popular providers.* The included Magic Remote makes navigation fast and fun. Contrast ratio is the range of darkest to brightest areas of the picture and the hallmark of great image quality. Where contrast is concerned, wider is better, so LG projectors have an impressive ratio of up to 150,000:1.

Pair big sound with the large-scale viewing experience. Wirelessly stream sound directly from the projector to a Bluetooth compatible audio system* such as portable speakers, headphones or select sound bars.

Watch premium content from popular providers* such as Netflix and Amazon Video, and share videos, photos and apps through a compatible Android smartphone or tablet over a simple Wi-Fi connection.

This projector uses a powerful laser lamp, featuring the same technology found in the most advanced cinemas. It delivers an exceptional full high-definition picture that is remarkably bright at up to 1500 lumens, with rich, vivid colors.

LG ProBeam HF85JA Laser Projector Review

In this video we will check out the LG Probeam UST HF85JA Laser Projector. This is the first UST on the channel and many people have requested that I get my hands on one of these! Well today, we got it! I’m just as excited as you are to find out how awesome this thing actually is so lets find out together! Lets Rock! Please watch the video and like the youtuber: LG ProBeam HF85JA Laser Projector Review! It is World’s First Short distance Projectors and is really cool, but can it replace conventional projectors? Check also TechMagnet’s review and Danny Winget’s review.

Here are my thoughts after using the new LG Probeam or HF80JA Laser DLP Projector for a week. Powerful 2000 lumen home theater projector that can be taken anywhere! Full Review? Mind Seed TV has probably made one of the best reviews out there. Is LG ProBeam HF85JA the Best 1080p Home Cinema Projector 2017? Check it out here. Don’t even miss the Interview with Aliah Heyman on the LG ProBeam HF80J Laser Projector at CES 2017.

Long Lasting Laser Lamp

A laser lamp that will last for 20,000 hours: This projector’s light source is a powerful laser lamp that enables a big, detailed image and will provide years of reliable service.

Source: http://www.lg.com/us/home-video/lg-HF85JA-projector

For those desiring an even more compact option, the new LG MiniBeam offers extreme portability and incredible picture quality. With a built-in battery that lasts up to four hours, the MiniBeam packs more than enough cord-free power to play back two full-length movies, and with its Multi-Angle Projection feature, allows the device to be tilted up to 70 degrees to display an image high on a wall or even on the ceiling without the use of a tripod.

Unprecedented Freedom with portability and easy connections

The LG MiniBeam projector offers users unprecedented freedom in a portable package. USB Type-C compatibility gives the MiniBeam the ability to connect and mirror other devices such as laptops and smartphone, as well as charge its internal 9000mAh battery with a single cable. Pricing and availability of the new LG ProBeam UST laser projector) and LG MiniBeam will be announced later this year.

Read more: https://hometheaterreview.com/lg-to-debut-two-new-led-projectors-at-ifa-2017 and


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