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The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G Ultra is a ridiculously overkill looking phone…but does it matter? 📱 The BEST of CES 2020 🤯 The funniest gaming PC build we’ve ever done 🌶 Thanks to Myke for co-hosting! Shoutout to Max Weinbach for the many excellent Samsung Galaxy S20 rumors: Check out our new channel! Subscribe! Instagram: …


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3 Coolest Products Lg Showcased At Ces 2020

LG launched a range of products during the CES 2020 event and in this video, you are going to see 3 of their best releases. LG CineBeam More information for LG CineBeam HU70LA : Purchase LG CineBeam 4K projector on Amazon : LG gram LG monitors LGUltraGear 27GN950: LGUltraWide 38WN95C: LGUltraFine Display Ergo 32UN880:

Walmart’s New Laptop Is An Insane Deal

The Motile Walmart “Performance” Laptop is a ridiculously good deal…most of the time. The Motile Ryzen 5 laptop I have here: Why AMD Ryzen is changing the game in 2020 Check out our new channel @This Is! Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:

The Best Of Ces 2020

MORE of our CES videos here 👇👇👇 The TINY Razer Tomahawk: a 360 FPS ROG monitor: AMD’s Ryzen is a HUGE step forward for 2020: The ridiculous PC with a full PS4 Pro built in: My walkthrough of the Toyota Woven City: The 4K 160Hz LG UltraGear 27GN950: Check out our new channel! …

Ryzen Just Changed The Game…

AMD at CES dropped Ryzen 4000 series with 8 CORES in a thin and light laptop. 🔥 The Razer Tomahawk is the tiniest gaming PC yet 🖥 Asus just dropped a 360 FRAMES PER SECOND monitor 😶 Check out our new channel! Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:

Razer Built The Smallest Gaming Pc

At CES 2020 Razer showed off the Tomahawk: the smallest, easiest to build gaming PC yet. The 360 FPS ROG monitor 🖥 A Gaming PC with a Built In PS4 🎮 Check out our new channel! Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:

I Can’t Handle This Many Frames

At CES 2020 Asus showed off their new ROG Swift 360 gaming display and much more. I used Windows Vista in 2020 and it was a bad idea 💻 We built the ULTIMATE PS4…kind of 🎮 Check out our new channel! Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter: