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Super Budget Camera Drone – Is It Any Good?

What happens when you want a camera drone but don’t want to burn a whole paycheck (or a few)? This quadcopter goes for only 65 bucks, with an even cheaper option available as well, so lets see just what you get for something at this price. Thanks for wathching! Eachine E58 Camera Drone:

The Best Way To Play Mobile Games! Ios & Android

Mobile gaming! These are some of the best controllers, consisting of multiple design types, to give you an advantage and improve your gaming experience on your phone. Thanks for watching! Wasp 2: P30: Mobile Claw Triggers:

Bluetooth Earbuds That Boost Your Hearing!?

Today we’re taking a look at the IQBuds Boost by Nuheara, a pair of wireless Earbuds that prides itself on being able to not only provide users with high fidelity audio but also boost one’s hearing abilities. How do they hold up? Thanks for watching! IQBuds Boost:

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Review! Wireless Pc Gaming Headset

Today we’re taking a look at Turtle Beach’s newest wireless gaming headset, the Elite Atlas Aero which goes for about $150. Is it worth it? Thanks for watching! Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero: Amazon – Official website – (I was provided this headset by Turtle Beach. This has no effect on my opinion of the headset)

Insane Minimal Rgb Mechanical Keyboard Under $100!

Today we’re taking a look at a minimalist keyboard with only 61 keys, full rgb lighting, and some other cool stuff; all for under a hundred dollars. Thanks for watching! Kemove 61 Key Keyboard: Kickstarter – Official Website –

How To Get An Oculus Quest While It’s ‘sold Out’! + Unboxing

Today we’re taking a look at method which lets anyone buy an Oculus Quest while it is sold out both online and in store. Super easy to do as well. Thanks for watching! The Tracker App (iOS): The Tracker App (Android):

Growing Edible Plants With Tech!

Today we’re taking a look at Botanium, a device that does all the work of growing a plant for you. Effortlessly grow all types of edible plants! Thanks for watching! Botanium: Botanium (Amazon):

The $100 Microphone And Setup! (tonor Tc-2030)

Today we’re taking a look at a complete microphone kit that goes for 100 bucks. How good is it? Thanks for watching! Tonor TC-2030 (Amazon): Tonor TC-2030 (Website) (Use code ‘techcore” for 15% off):