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Budget Light Up Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo?

Today we’re taking a look at a keyboard and mouse combination that goes for only $30. Is it worth it? Thanks for watching! VicTsing Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo:

$40 Gopro Alternative?

Today we’re taking a look at a budget action camera which claims to provide 4k video, wifi capabilities, waterproofing, and more. Is it worth it? Thanks for watching! Campark ACT74 Action Camera:

Active Noise Cancelling For $80?

Today we’re taking a look at just how good the noise cancelling is on a pair of sub one hundred dollar headphones as well as a few other aspects. Is this a feature that only works in more expensive headphones? Thanks for watching! (The price of these on Amazon has dropped by $20 so I’ll provide that link as well) …

The Ultimate Bluetooth Earphones For Physical Activity?

Today we’re taking a look at what could possibly be the best pair of Bluetooth earphones for any type of physical activity. Thanks for watching! Phiaton BT 120 NC Earphones:

$30 Light Up Gaming Headset?

Today we’re seeing what you get when you buy a light up gaming headset for just thirty bucks. Worth it? Thanks for watching! Cool2000 Gaming Headset: $50 Gaming Headset – Worth it?: The Best Budget Gaming Headset!:

10 Cool Tech Things You Can Buy Online 4

Today we are taking a look at another ten cool tech things you can buy online. These items range from invisible speakers to Bluetooth wearables. All links are below! Thanks for watching! Tap Strap – AxiDraw – Touchscreen Extension – GeoOrbital – iFetch – Pocket Scanner – Clio Speaker – Ditto – …

Super Smart Glowing Alarm Clock!

Today we’re taking a look at the most advanced alarm clock you’ll probably ever see. With a controllable color changing light, Bluetooth speaker capabilities, and more this alarm clock packs tons of features. Thanks for watching! Beddi Glow SE: