5 Cool Gadgets And Tech Inventions (july 2019)

Check out these latest gadgets and inventions that would blow your mind. All these tech gadgets are available to pre-order online. These inventions are unique, futuristic and feature-packed. Find the product links down below.

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Morus Zero – Ultrafast countertop tumble dryer: http://bit.ly/2MhREUa
Zero Breeze Mark Ⅱ battery power portable AC : http://bit.ly/2OlNKfP
Travel Tripod by Peak Design: https://fave.co/2K49Z4z
ROIDMI NEX Storm: A Smart Cordless Vacuum With Mop : http://bit.ly/2Yp90oJ
Layover, An Ultra-Portable Travel Blanket: http://bit.ly/32WYi8v

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